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Democratizing data science education in India!

Our Mission

Data Science for India (DSI) is a global organization dedicated to educating and empowering high school students in India with a strong analytical foundation and critical tools for data science. Our team works toward building a platform that connects Indian students to resources, mentors, and opportunities in order to inspire the next generation of inquisitive students who will take on a data-rich world. We develop and provide specialized data science curricula, targeted bootcamp workshops, and presentations from industry professionals to bring data science education to students everywhere.

Hariharan Srinivasulu and Keshav Prasanna pose with their students after the first Summer 2017 Exploratory Data Science Program in Chennai!
Nitika Malhotra, Data Scientist at Zomato, gives a talk in Gurgaon about the importance of data science to our students at the Kadarpur Government School in Haryana.

Our Vision

At Data Science for India (DSI), we believe that anyone should be able to learn data science. As data and information are increasingly available, students of every discipline, ranging from medicine to history to urban planning to sports, must be well-equipped with the tools to question, analyse and understand data. Our goal is to bring data science to all Indian students regardless of their academic background or socioeconomic status because the only prerequisite to learning data science is a curiosity to learn more.

Our Program

In Summer 2017, a team of over 20 DSI Volunteer Instructors held Exploratory Data Science Programs for over 400 students in four Indian cities: Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, and Chennai.

Over the past year, the DSI @ Berkeley Chapter has been working on:

  • designing the DSI Data Literacy Curriculum
  • creating the DSIx Data Science Bootcamp Program
  • improving the DSI Exploratory Data Science Curriculum

These three tracks comprise the DSI Scholars Program.

Students at Amity International School, Gurugram watch eagerly as the DSI program commences.

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Pranav Bhasin and Sathya Sahay teach the introductory module of the Exploratory Data Science Curriculum in Gurgaon.

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