Data science is underrepresented in Indian education.

We’re here to solve that. We’re here to empower the youth of India.

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Founded in May 2017 by a small team of UC Berkeley undergrads, we began to design a curriculum that would teach high school students fundamental concepts of data science, taking them from introductory Python programming and statistical knowledge to basic machine learning algorithms. As we spread the word about our effort, our core team expanded to include about 20 students from institutions around the world. Our first cohort of college and high school instructors taught programs at schools in four Indian cities: Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, and Chennai.

CHENNAI: Hariharan Srinivasulu and Keshav Prasanna pose with their students after our first successful program!


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Why now?

Given the growing relevance of data and computing, we wish to ensure that Indian citizens have the resources to not only understand data, but also appreciate the power of data science. We were inspired by how Berkeley's data science curriculum significantly improves access to core concepts, and decided to take this approach to India, a nation that is growing rapidly. Although there do exist introductory data science resources online, we're ensuring that our curriculum is accessible to everyone, regardless of their background, and are actively encouraging students to pursue data science in both academia and industry. By exposing Indian students to this discipline, as well as the importance of data and computing themselves, we hope to ensure India's development is more equitable.

GURGAON: Pranav Bhasin and Sathya Sahay teach the introductory module.

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GURGAON: Nitika Malhotra, data scientist at Zomato, a major Indian software company, gives a talk about the importance of data science to our students to an audience of girls, at the Kadarpur Government School in Haryana.

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