Our Team

Founded at UC Berkeley, our organization has grown to include students from institutions around the world (Boston, London, Delhi, Hong Kong, and others) studying a diverse set of disciplines, ranging from computer science, math and engineering, to psychology, economics, and international relations. Just as the use of data unites the fields we pursue, we are united by a desire to spread our awareness of data to generate meaningful social change. Here are our members who helped contribute to our successful program this summer!

Core Team


Vinitra Swamy


Head Data Science 8 TA, UC Berkeley Master's Student

Mudit Goyal

Product, Operations

Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology Fellow, UC Berkeley Undergrad

Anand Sampat

Curriculum and Outreach

Founder and CEO of Datmo.io

Raja Guha Thakurta


UC Santa Cruz Astronomy and Astrophysics Professor, Director of Science Internship Program

Volunteer Instructors